Tuesday, June 15, 2004

touched by angels

hello! today's like the absolute nicest day of my life :) what am i saying, it IS the nicest day of my life :) happy birthday tabi! *huGs* we love you.
i'm so blessed, for having known you. tabi, daph, yoke, carissa, yenghong, yanfen, junwan, qinghan, shob, whit, hs. there aren't many words that can properly express how happy i am that you guys rock so much. no one (esp not any guy hah) has ever given back to me so much love. and i can't stop blushing haha.. my mother asked if i was wearing makeup when i met her la... wth. i think i was just v touched when i read daph's note la : thanks you're a dear! haha. thanks babes i love all of you :D and aiyo i don't think i wanna show my face at kbox from today onwards haha... thanks kang it was damn damn fun and i am very very proud to tell you that i never once wanted to kill you for making us do silly things. i'll never forget them, if that's a good thing :D
hey i know let's all meet once a year, don't care where you go to study you better come back and see everyone! let's make it 15th june. we'll never forget tabi's birthday =p can or not? can or not? :) yay i'm so happy it's like MY birthday hahaha.

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