Tuesday, July 06, 2004


who cares if i'm not the most polite blogger, inexplicable unmentionable reasons for this lousy mood. who cares if i say fuck ten thousand times. i don't say it very often, think i'll give myself a treat tonight. can't sleep, too much adrenaline. fuck.

worried, should i panic now or should i wait more *frowns*
i feel fat.

happier note, passed and won't be in chem r anymore! physics mcq was good. i will treat anyone to dinner if i get A for physics if i'm in a good mood. argh actually i like chem r - they highlight the impt stuff and help you focus. oh, so now it's a sad note. wth. fuck. i sincerely apologise to anyone who's not seen this terribly grouchy side of me. think i'll go and hug my dog. nite everyone

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