Monday, July 26, 2004

rejected =(

spasticated nurse. she was so suspicious of my application form. eyed me then said, girl i don't think you're 45kg, are you sure you're so heavy? blahhh. even worse, spasticated weighing machines. after loading my pocket with coins and my handphone, and with shoes on! i still couldn't make the mark so the doctor(?) told me to take care, eat macs for 3 days and 3 nights then come back and weigh myself before trying to donate blood. grrr.

last double block pe today. rather nice, even though i don't particularly love handball, and i was so looking forward to floorball. had a shot at being goalie and yay i'm not so terrible =) so it was quite enjoyable once we started cos we weren't being thrased by the 3m girls. haa... go 3i! bit bored. had channel 18 comedy marathon and i think my brain's a bit rotten =p so proud of myself, jm left his phone in my charge and i didn't read his inbox (!) but i did break the high score for memory. have a sneaking suspicion it's only cos it's never been played. hai. we seem to have a lot of "one days" maybe one fine day, it won't be one day let's do this, but that we'll look back and say, remember the day we did that? smiles. nite

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