Friday, July 02, 2004

waiting for 235am

too lazy for full sentences. wah just had 3 way phone conversation! with yo ye ho and kang. 3 way leh, never done that before... so exciting! =)

1. tonnes of fun at touch clinic! nz touch ppl are damn nice! :)
2. neck/back tingling after landing on daph's knee
3. found digicam, thank goodness. gonna take photos tomorrow!
4. found "the beauty myth," aim to finish by tue if i still remember how to read. quote "i haven't read a book in ten thousand yrs," ya me too O_o
5. got my tan back! what does it matter, huh *mumblegrumble*
6. it'll start my day off just right if czech wins, so they better win
7. july's the month of birthdays i never get to celebrate =(
8. still feel shitty about the amnesia during chem :/:\:|
9. rockapella rocks! even their sad songs cheer me up no end.
10. yay tomorrow's gonna be great fun again =)

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