Tuesday, November 23, 2004

if there were a fire (choy)

ha i just read the new paper *ashamed* article about a girl who ran into a burning house to rescue her handphone. i would call her stupid, but i might just do the same thing.

i honestly can't narrow down the things i'd take out of the house. if i want to lift all the things out without dying, i must go bulk up now haha. or maybe i'll be too humji to even care. but for now, since i'm sitting, okay fine slouching, comfortably in my chair, i shall make a list. it's my new hobby. list-ing =)

1. let my dogs out
2. box of letters and postcards from my nearest and dearest
3. soft toys. if just one, mooscow. okay if more, my winnie the pooh, and the first christmas present from a boy *blush* (this pig... it's very adorable!)
4. journal/s
5. my new shoes? computer? handphone? clothes? underwear? jewellery? ooh my cousin's dress!

you know what? i can't think of more. i have no money, and everything else i adore should be able to run out of the house without my help.

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