Saturday, March 19, 2005

boys and girls 1.02

strange, explicit and real conversation with unexpected guy.
think i ought to be a guy, i surprise myself at the things i say O_o
but there are things i loathe to discuss and find so very gross *eeeyurgh*

went for theory lesson (met ten thousand people at bbdc) and it sucked big time. kaiwei was falling alseep in front of me, carissa and i were playing hangman, connect4 and the form-many-words-from-1-long-word game. till the instructor tapped her on the shoulder and made her jump *lol* reminds me of jc, secondary school, and primary school. time to get serious soon *mild panic attack* must i really? boo.

then followed parents to this australian fair we spontaneously decided to go for. to cover all my bases, i signed up for monash and melbourne. on the spot! fastest applications of my life, very hassle free and FREE. they photocopied my certs and waived my fees :)

there are many decisions to make, one crucial one - choosing a uni. it's more of a choice of country than the school. i know i started out wanting to go to uk so badly that the whole world knows about it, and assumes i'm halfway there. but now considering all that the dean of med said during his talk, i have a good mind to stay. bahhh. to the man above, please please guide me!

oh dear this post, and the last, wasn't about boys and girls at all. maybe i should compensate by dispensing some wise words while i can still type coherently (i think it's too late) haha too bad goodnight. till tmr then, ta!

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