Friday, June 03, 2005

haha so stupid. finally realised why i'm so tired half the time. cos i keep sleeping at weird times! eg 3 or 4am. and waking up at 8 for breakfast with parents. it's cos of the jetlag from london, ages ago. guess it's time to give up hope about going there to study, and slowly adjust back to singapore time. sigh. hm. blogging cos it's become sort of a habit to end the day - no actually i go brush my teeth, nibble on some snack and read till i either a) fall asleep or b) find something better to do.

m1 rugby series at spe! made friends with nicole, whit's sister. i have no photo of her to post, but it's probably for the best; who knows if paedophiles come here to steal photos of my pretty friends. eeyurgh. anyway. kids are so cute, they talk to anybody about anything, tell you ridiculous jokes, always speak their mind. at least this one does. the matches: some good some bad, some surprising some expected. well done everyone, you're amazing. i'm still proud to say i'm from raffles touch *beams* hehe last year's trophy was nicer looking though =)))

rad - i'm not worried about anyone stealing her photo HAHA =p
my chubbs!
i'm smiling weirdly cos she's too pretty! stop drooling all you ns guys ;)

i just realised that i keep standing on the same side to take photos, and that the entire world is freaking taller than me. hurry everyone upload the photos please. i'm quite sad cos i dint get to take any with tabi and i'll probably never see her till ten years later!! :'(

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Chris said...

You are right - she is very pretty ;)