Friday, June 10, 2005

pass the sunblock

mahmut! was apparently in a good and patient mood today. thanks to him, and loads of encouragement from the girls, i can stand up and travel a distance before falling very unglamly, face flat into the polluted waters of punggol. i kept falling cos i kept looking at the board figuring out how to move my hips to face the correct direction. wah wakeboarding is stealth, my (face, arm, back) muscles are only aching NOW. (never really knew how tense i was/am. ohno i'm becoming like my mum.) i need to learn how to move my hips more!! help me. HAHA that sounds slightly off.

manage to salvage a few photos from my now empty memory card. sigh. lesson learnt: don't anyhow press buttons if your fingers are too big, and if you dont know what the hell you're doing.

sau doing her thing. and the bikini people :) see the dark clouds?

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