Tuesday, June 14, 2005

watch out, i'm venting

tom cruise brought his mum sky diving for her birthday (bring me bring me!!) and said his mum was never one to tell him that he couldn't do something. almost cried when i realised that all my life i've been told i CAN'T do everything, e.g. go to london, "dangerous" sports like cycling (HAHA. that's just sad) and even crossing the overhead bridge by myself. there Are well-intended, valid reasons behind it all, and sure they were supportive of my pursuing med. but at the end of the day, if not for my bad attitude (ohdear) i'd seriously be holed up in my room stoning, not blogging because i didn't go anywhere or do anything.

first big reason why i will never get to marry tom cruise. my mum is of the opinion that if a girl goes out with a guy, all by herself, she will be condemned to the depths of hell, or something to that effect. i should instead go out in big groups where there are more girls than guys, or preferably no boys at all. her face was all aghast when i revealed i have, and will, watch movies with boys. wth. erps. *rolls eyes all over the place* of course it's all for my safety etc but if even my dad is fine with it, i don't see why not! gah. at this rate, hi all the girls out there, i'm free to be a bridesmaid for the next 20 years++

maybe if i were as lucky as some people to have found a nice man and get married in a few months, before their shelf-life was over, i wouldn't have to come out of my room till i'm 25+. but isn't it obvious that this world's far from ideal and times have definitely changed? there is no surefire "method" for this thing called love (pray tell if you know of one). i'd be lucky to even find an interested, interesting party.

so i've an equal share of boy And parent problems, you're like that too right (just not so extreme, i pray) that's perfectly fine because kids always find a way out. i only have one life here and i'm going to live it. i WANT to make mistakes while i can, because i can't seem to get enough of getting hurt and crying over spilt milk.

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