Friday, July 01, 2005

breakfast-lunch-dinner continuum

started actually with a very long supper. while waiting for my brother to come home, i had some of his supper (oops) then slept at 4am. woke up at 1030 and lazed around till noon, leisurely consumed a ham sandwich and waited for my parents to come back at 130. lunch was normal chinese food and a caramel custard pudding for dessert. without waiting for anything to be digested, it was off to town to meet my talent-scout-attracting cousin for some catching up. and eating. toast, truffle, tart and tea. when we tried to walk off the fats, we only managed to walk from taka to lido before i joined sunny and yunlei for an early dinner (530pm!) of really nice seafood and tiramisu at pacific plaza. my gosh. then i squeezed my now fat ass into a totally packed 171 and got home in time for a light dinner snack. gah.

and arghhhhhh. bad timing have i. nus accommodation application fees were due yesterday and i can't pay them cos the office is open on weekdays and i'll be overseas on sunday!! help O_o

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