Wednesday, August 24, 2005

cold feet

charlie and the chocolate factory. daryl told me to bring chocolate in, just in case the scenes got too mouthwatering. but! there were none. i ate up my kinder bueno anyway =p it's missing yummy chocolate scenes, and the oompa loompas were freakily depicted. so, save for the good company, johnny and some of the humour, it was a waste of free time and money, and quite destroyed my perception of the story.

the weather seems to be getting colder by the day. feet froze into blocks of ice in the cinema! cold feet. haha

haha don't over-think, don't even bother to think. should i even try? i don't want to fall to pieces, but it's awfully early to give up huh. everyone should listen to jiawei - don't think, be happy!

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