Sunday, September 18, 2005

lantern lantern burning bright

the full moon tonight saw my family stuffing our faces with a steamboat dinner at home, fruits, then lots and LOTS of mooncake. we really do have a lot, thanks to good friends, and our own greed.

after an hour of digestion, chatting and just general time wasting, out came the lanterns, matchsticks and candles. i like the transformation, from a boring piece of paper/cellophane completely invisible in the dark, to this glowing ball... magic!! :)

we walked down to the chinese high hostel, then my grandma got tired and so they left my mum, jackie and me to walk to gohch*ktong's house and then turn back. hilarious! my dragon lantern ran out of candle (haha!! this time the candle burned down, not disppeared. cf last year's entry on phantom candles) and the ghurka was very very amused at our attempts to relight the lantern. and oh my, that stupid dog tried to run across the road as usual, and i had to literally pounce on him to prevent an accident, so embarrassing.

i love the warmth emanating from the sphere of a lantern i carried, it's like a great big ball of love on a stick! =p except it had hamtaros all over it.

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