Saturday, September 03, 2005

what a brilliant day :) when i woke up i found a nice message greeting me :D and i wasn't late for driving. and i finally had ikea meatballs. and i bought fbts -i only have 2 pairs that're ancient. and i bought stuff for daryl + various hall people, and yunlei i have something for you, you better meet me soon!

there's a barbeque going on downstairs, the 2nd one in 2 weeks, and i'm getting totally fat just trying to remember the things i ate. haha i did not, like cannibalistic mag, inhale cadaver. hoho i'm laughing but i still love you =)

my dad was recounting his experiences and he suddenly mentioned that he saved a life. with that, his face lit up like we won a million dollars, and maybe it's nothing to a lot of people, but i couldn't help feeling so proud of him. and hopeful :) yay! how wonderful :)

to the person who was in the car when we wrecked it -ohshitohshitohshit!- who says good morning to me at 1130pm every week night. who makes up songs with really horrible lyrics. who has the most Fantastic taste in movies. who comes to my rescue when i'm stuck in the rain at nus. who laughs at old photos and remembers only the most embarrassing and silliest things about me. who steals my toys and terrorises me every so often with them. who barges into rooms and just hogs the bed. who used to look younger than me. who will be there forever more. who i will love forever more. happy (early) birthday! look forward to the next quarter of a century =p

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