Saturday, October 22, 2005

meet me at the grumpy hour

well done to all playhouse people! :)
i went with the intention of staying for the m1 play only, but ended up staying for everything and rushing home after 5+ haha. next year i will be part of it!

yay i'm a happy girl today! started off with a splendid run, despite a lizard flying down from the tree on the opposite side of the road and landing on my right arm O_o. terribly funny misadventures at lunch time, then a thoroughly enjoyable playhouse performance. fantastic present from vatican city! *excited* and a dinner with my family. now all i need for it to be perfect is to be happy while trying to mug biochem. urgh.

it's almost 2am. thunderandlightning-ing. sheesh for like the whole day i thought ianmatthews said, meet me at the grumpy hour. in the end he said, meet me at the grumpy OWL. *grumpy* haha!! okay okay this is so silly haha.

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