Saturday, November 05, 2005

hi, my name is emily and...

i am the girl, who at the behest of her best friend,
is doing this "i am the girl" thing.

i am the girl who believes very firmly in
living well, laughing often and loving much.

i am the girl who was never great at anything and fumbled through life,
yet still managed to stumble upon a most noble path.
for that i'm now the girl who aims to be a better person and a good doctor!

i am the girl who loves her family (jo included, jackie and klassie too)

i am the girl who loves (brackets) and back slashes// haha

i am the girl who found true friends in team mates and coaches,
and a philosophy within a game.

i am the girl whose group of girlfriends are scattered all over the world, and just can't seem to fit into any group.

i am the girl who cherishes the old, is prone to inertia
and is totally in favour of security,
but runs at the sight of routine and commitment;
who suffers from the peterpan syndrome, runawaybride syndrome and a myriad of other movie character ailments.

i am the girl who's easily amused, easily satisfied,
but too picky all at once.

i am the girl who wants to pay for herself,
tells you she doesn't want flowers,
all the while waiting for something to sweep her off her feet.

i am the girl who fills up emptiness by talking too much, as you can see,
and contradicts herself every possible moment.

i am the girl who cries over silly things, like a piece of wood.

i am the girl who speaks too loudly,
and always at the most embarrassing of times.

i am the girl with pinchable fat cheeks.

i am the girl, scared of people leaving,
foolish enough to make new friends.

i am the girl who counts all her blessings, admires nature and is wow-ed by the beautiful things in life.

i am the girl with wanderlust, who yearns to fly away and be a stranger,
but doesn't know if it's possible to leave anything behind.

i am the girl who dreams in the day, and has nightmares at night.

i am the girl with bad timing, and the inability to forget.
i am the girl who falls for poetry, wit and a beautiful soul.
i am the girl who would and will stay awake just to talk to you.
i am the girl with a soft spot for you.

i am the girl who is a hopeless romantic, no doubt about it.
i am the girl, accidentally in love, but not really accidentally =p

i am the girl who will give all the love in the world,
if only she knew who she's talking about.

i am the girl who is always bubbly, cheery and nice, but Nothing Special.

i am nobody's girl.

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