Saturday, November 12, 2005


from the moment you push off with your feet, to the gain in momentum, as you inch toward the clouds, your heart beats faster, and faster still the next time you come up to catch the sky. the wind in your hair whooshes past, whizzing by your ears to remind you that time does fly when you're having fun.

a momentary pause. zero acceleration. time stands still. blink at the moon. it's still too far away to touch. so grasp the stars, land among them.

only too soon, right on cue, gravity pulls. you plummet backwards. almost blindly; knowing only what you can see ahead of you. the moon gets smaller. almost too sudenly; leaving your heart behind*. almost violently; everything around you blurry like oil paints on a dropped palette - so that's how it feels, falling into a black hole. falling.

it's too high it's too fast, i screamed, and screeched to a stop after flailing about like a dead** fish. unceremoniously. how unglam! but i was scared. i could go on forever if it were just flying, if not for the moving backwards. coming down from the high, it was hardest returning to earth. but i was scared. not brave enough. yet.

maybe i'll try swinging in the day. obsessed with swings, no idea why!

*or rather, technically, in front. bleah to nice looking sentences haha!!
**hmmmm, shouldn't it be dying fish? bleah to logic! =p

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