Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year's eve

a nice chatty walk in the morning, awfully chocolate after that, and family meals later. whoosh :) there's nothing lovelier than to start the day feeling on top of the world! i never knew i was such a morning person. you guys made my day =)

things i don't want in the new year are emotional constipation, confusion, overthinking of situations/having to second guess everything etc, procrastination, noisy construction work and of course lousy boys.

things i want in the new year!
world peace, driving license, europe trip to be a blast, to learn something new, to be promoted, and as haney said : new year, new love! :)

i keep reflecting on the past year. it's partly because daydreams lead me to do so. and i'm glad for the things that have happened, all the travelling, interviews, goodbyes, orientation and making new friends. of course there are sad things that've happened; i'm putting those lousy shitty things behind in 2005 and when midnight comes around, all i have of 2005 will be my friends, precious photographs and memories.

if nothing fantastic is going to happen from now till 2006, at least i have that to smile for.

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