Sunday, December 18, 2005

sunny night

woohoo!! i talked to sunny =)

anyway i'm so happy because it's been 4 long lonely pine-ful months without the girl who hugs generously, listens patiently and talks so wisely. and i FINALLY get to see her online! let me tell you WHY i haven't spoken to her in so long. not because she blocked me (argh, how could i be so stupid) but because she changed her msn and everyone seemed to know but me!! *jealous* nevermind about me feeling so foolish for missing out on so many lovely conversations we would've had, yay because i've found my friend again =)

okay sunny is NOT some cute guy, but she ought to be cos i love her so much haha. haha sorry there's not much sense today.. it's a happy sunny night! :)))

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