Monday, January 09, 2006

2 shots of happy, 1 shot of sad

3stan (plus ty the crasher) beat the monday blues - swedish meatballs at ikea's kiddy table, suriya enjoying tv with a pair of twins, then just laughing at rubbish, being creeped out by emily rose and more snap :) urgh now i've got a horrible horrible headache. withdrawal symptoms?

meanwhile, thanks for the christmas present. and yay more card races please :)

lastly, bah humbug :/:\:|


there's a new kinda music, catchy and amazingly easy to listen to, not obscured by unnecessary instruments and rubbish noise to disguise bad singing. just simple strumming, a head-bopping beat on the drums, and good vocals, makes me smile everytime i hear it; it reminds me of bean, and the gilmore girls =p i found it when i went crazy trying to look for the grey's anatomy soundtrack. i wish my life were a good soundtrack, nothing too headache inducing, nothing soporific, just breezy with a spot of excitement thrown in for fun :)

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