Friday, January 20, 2006

queen for a day :)

thank you for your presence
thank you for the presents
jo and yun too! =)
oh and thank you for the good weather!

i felt like the most loved person in the entire universe tonight :)
yes, even when i had to go home alone because everyone refused to hang out with me! haha. okay maybe it's not so much about how i felt. it's more that i must be the most blessed person, ever, because all of you are the best thing to happen to me.
i love you all back, so very much.

i love you all, so very much.

pretty shoes in the nicest box of all time, a book (i love getting books), ego shirt - you'll see on monday, earrings, a bag, a wallet (to put in my new bag, which quite matches my new shoes) sweets, and things from lush. a kiss. smitten, i am ;)

the best present was having all the people i love (and who definitely love me) around me, save for the few in distant galaxies eg. tekong, london and america. and the fact that we could get totally high without alcohol, though for some, jolly shandy was enough =p my wish was simple, and with all my heart, i hope it comes true.

i guess this is it, twenty disqualifies me as a teenager, so should i stop acting like one? let me think. nahhh. twenty is not yet twenty-one, one more year! :)

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*Twinkle twinkle little stars* said...

I am glad you felt like a queen!
We LOVE you too!! =)