Friday, March 24, 2006

ah, the 14th

hello! nice night huh. wonderful, i'm smiling, no i'm grinning :)
now, this is what you would call fang4 xia4. finally.
of course, the good things i keep with me.

i like the guitar in between the lyrics.
and i like the lyrics. they're more applicable than they seem.

in the skies the birds are pulling rain
in your life a curse has got a name
makes you lie awake all through the night
that's why.

she's intoxicated by herself
everyday she's seen with someone else
and every night she kisses someone new
never you.

you're waiting in the shadows for a chance
cos you believe at heart that if you can
show to her what love is all about
she'll change.

she'll take to you with no one else around
but only if you're able to entertain her
the moment conversation stops she's gone

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