Monday, March 20, 2006

it's all in a name

well, that's thrice already that i've been "beaten" by this dreaded name.
it's a pretty name, a good name, a name i might like to call my kid.
but at this rate (i.e. zero) haha big fat joke!!

i think my printer has congestive heart failure! it's been an hour and only 2 pages of medical mnemonics by yingxian -thankyou- have been printed! some lovers try positions that they cannot handle ;) just to clarify, the previous sentence has nothing to do with yingxian.

ah, the kindness of friends warms my heart. dedrick and fish bought back the most delightful and/or sinful raspberry cheesecake. kenrick, if we really decide to compare who looks fatter at the end of the year, i will win. wow, i get to win something.
and haneyhaney, thank you! it's such a nice sweet surprise, made my day and probably my week =)

picking out hostels over msn, the distance doesn't seem so apparent. it's as if you were standing over my shoulder pointing out the cheesy hotel names eg Hostel Happy Times. life is good again :)

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