Saturday, March 04, 2006

strangely calm.

if a person stands in the way of an oncoming train, knees shaking, heart pounding, he will be killed instantly.

BUT. if a person stands in the way of an oncoming train, unfazed, strangely calm and knowing exactly what will happen, he will still be killed instantly. erps. haha!

unless of course the train is a figment of that person's imagination. in which case, you can blame it on the freaking CAs.

strangely calm in the 2 days leading up to the freaking CAs.
it's probably more because i'm too lazy to get worked up, than because i'm immune to the stress.

in other news, i don't think lent has ever really affected me. except this year. i've decided to abstain from something that probably sustains me in this horrible time called the exam period. i'm giving up watching grey's anatomy, or even downloading it cos the temptation's not good for me. wah i can't decide whether david's decision to abstain from supper till lent is over, or mine, is the harder one =p

studying in the library is very nice, because if i studied at home. it'll just be called staying at home doing nothing. bleah. a guy is calling out to me. his name is guy. ton. HAHA! oh no please BLAME THE FREAKING CAs for my bad sense of humour =)

oh i forgot. look at the nice photo of the all-knowing prof ling and 3stan, my anatomy group. last practical (boo.) haha. mr bones has been our faithful friend, and prof ling's just veerrry good!

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