Sunday, April 02, 2006


i've changed. last time, okay fine, emily-from-10-minutes-ago wouldn't bat an eyelid and just post something like this...

"a LOT of curiosity, a little regret (so much better than before, but it'll never completely disappear), continued disbelief - it's surreal - and lastly, vigorous tugs on my heart strings.

i like it =)

palpitations as always. i must stop blushing.
wth are heart strings anyway, i can't find it in snell.
i must be mad, as always."

but nah, the new me, the emily-after-10-minutes, would be more cautious about counting the chickens before they hatch. the new me, the emily-who-likes-peace-and-quiet-for-now, would learn to be ambiguous, not gush about things so openly because of all the stupid-gossip-people and strange tagboard vandals. but more importantly because (horror of horrors) someone may actually read this! the new me, the emily-who-stopped-to-think, would think twice about being crazy and optimistic. so the new me, would post some stupid disclaimer paragraph, just like this :)

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