Friday, April 07, 2006

how to beat post-exams-pre-results-hell

how to take photos
1. stop at plebar and take a quick shot
2. alight and realise that only 2 out of 3 people are in the photo
3. heck it, and run back into the train, making damn a lot of noise and giggling madly. all the while refusing to get help from other bemused passengers, that'd mean admitting to having short arms. go figure.
4. take another shot while the doors close and the train goes to the next station
5. get out and take a photo at that next station, and then head back to plebar

how to rollerblade
1. be well padded, wear good long socks
2. choose a scenic route
3. yell before falling, try to fall forward, preferably on grass/into a bush
4. have helpful friends nearby when you fall
5. bring money to buy drinks when you're tired

how to spend quality time with your laptop
1. upload photos/look for pretty pictures
2. listen to music
3. surf blogs
4. watch house and greys and gilmore girls
5. msn similarly quality-time-ing-with-their-computers people

nice sunny day in april, the month of spring showers. hopefully only good things happen this month. the Gnawing Gut Feeling is just consuming me. hai. okay don't let's start talking about eating things. mwahahah ;)

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