Monday, May 15, 2006

i've got my mind set on you

yay happy birthday tanyunlei!! =)

unfortunately, because you keep deleting every photo i take of you, i've been left with this forced-by-hon-to-act-cute one. i love you loads =) bolster and me will be coming soon to an airport near you, i pray. neither distance, lack of common personality traits, nor the supps will stop me. haha okay enough mushiness!!

can i tell you, i got my first cheque today!! granted, i didn't earn it, nor is $8.70 very much, but after all the money given to bbdc, that's the very least they could do for me. yay my bank account now has more than the minimum amount of money =) and aiya don't laugh at my chinese name... =/

on another note, i loathe ants. they are the most irritating pests around.

412babes! dya remember that night at yun's chalet where we were sitting around sya's surprise cake when selene spotted ants and started becoming hysterical (so did the rest of us, but only because we were laughing too hard) then anna asked her something like "aren't you more scared of lizards! would you be more afraid if there were a thousand lizards, or a thousand ants" and there was just mass hysteria all round from the screaming and laughing... haha. good times =)

i miss my bfs (best friends! occasionally better than boyfriends, esp when they're in singapore and free enough), 412, and i really really hate ants.

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