Tuesday, May 09, 2006

love just isn't enough

omg i'm growing fat. welcome to the land of jiggly arms :/:\:|
the weather's so good, and i'm stuck with my notes. BOO.
i want my holidays back!! =(
on the other hand, i have great friends! even the non-comforting-friend, itkz (he gave me tys and mcqs so all's good) yay love, my loves! :)

don't call me, don't write.
don't show up in the middle of the night

enough's enough eh, it doesn't work anymore
i've grown greedy; i want more than that.
know that mystery only brings you so far,
then i stop wasting my time hoping.

oh. wtf. please don't postpone the papers! i've booked my flight just nicely, and wtf wants to study for such a bloody long time. go make special arrangements for those who need it, but i don't want it, thank you very much. now you spare a thought for people who started preparing for it right after pros (okay that's not me), or don't care for a holiday spoilt. grrr.

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