Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the story of mr stripey begins

emily tan comes in 3.5 days time. as of now, she is frantically unpacking all her cold wear and packing in mr stripey, the sunglasses and her skimpy swimsuit.

well said, except the skimpy swimsuit part cos my mum made me remove anything remotely revealing. die, erratic weather, die! and it's less than 24 hours till london, and actually i'm starting to dislike mr stripey and his companions (read: tonnes of junkfood for yunlei) argh, die erratic weather, die! below's photos of mr stripey and friends being packed in, and jiawei's very cool backpack with many many straps and buckles. it's twice/thrice my size - crazy with the camera even before i leave haha.

thanks 3stan (+joel) for today's brunch, among other things. if you never knew, i used to get very anxious before flights. but since things are different now and nobody's going to talk me through it, i've come up with a very effective 3-step plan. step 1, think of the nice group of people in singapore. step 2, think of the nice group of people in europe. step 3, say hi to mr sleeping pill. haha i can't wait to claim my luggage at heathrow and crane my neck in search of my two longlost, lovely, pretty, not fat friends! :) bye singapore!

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