Wednesday, July 12, 2006

iTunes oracle

hai. bored! woke up for no reason and can't fall back asleep. quiztime!

iTunes oracle!
Instructions: Set your iTunes to shuffle. Ask the following questions aloud one at a time, pressing the Next Song button once after each question. Use the song titles as the answers to the questions. No cheating

1. how does the world see you?
should i stay - dreamz fm

2. will i have a happy life?
woo hoo - the's (from kill bill)

3. what do my friends really think of me?
salvy - i can make a mess like nobody's business

4. do people secretly lust after me?
love you madly - cake

5. how can i make myself happy?
big machine - goo goo dolls
(i can't even begin to think of all the implications here. ack.)

6. what should i do with my life?
zhong jie gu dan - wu yue tian (sheesh, thanks itunes)

7. will i ever have children?
pon de replay - rihanna (what?!)

8. what is some good advice for me?
let there be love - silje nergaard

9. how will i be remembered
i fought the angels - the delgados (from grey's anatomy!)

10. what is my signature song
i wonder - diffuser (well done, the lyrics go : and i wonder if you give him better blowjobs than the ones that i got from you. i only have this song cos it was included in iTunes when i first got my mac, and i'm sentimental)

11. what do i think my current theme song is?
hard times - eastmountainsouth (elizabethtown soundtrack. shit.)

12. what song will play at my funeral
narcolepsy - third eye blind (haha! itunes is really quite whatever. gg)

13. what type of men/women do i like
misty - sarah vaughn with the quincy jones orchestra (misty men??)

14. what is my day going to be like
who wouldn't wanna be me - keith urban (this does not bode well. sigh)

hmm, apart from bringing to my attention the fact that i desperately need to clean out my 14.70MB of songs, i also have a sneaking suspicion that my itunes is mocking me!

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