Friday, December 15, 2006

loves long walks, movies and cliches

today we went for a long slow walk, around the whole of namly, up and down hills, just to get our daily dose of exercise. my father, my brothers and i, set out, each of us with an umbrella because it was raining. and it was nice. if only my mother could've joined us.

since there were no hands free (cos of the umbrellas la) to take photographs, plus for some reason we were also carrying the mail from the letterbox out with us, i just thought of blogging this, so that when i grow older and need to jog my memory i'll at least remember the day we walked in the rain with umbrellas. :)

been watching way too many movies than is good for passing CAs. but i wanna watch more! even if they suck, i wanna watch them. even if they're in march 2007, i wanna watch them (tmnt, anyone?) oh no, this is starting to sound like my tv addiction, junk food addiction, online quiz addiction, orisinal game addiction...

and how come you're such a nice person only after i'm not there? it's either time, the army, or (most likely) that i was really nothing much to begin with. i hate this feeling. hatehatehate. HATE. fuckit.

perhaps there are some things that are best left behind. some people you can do without, some things you should just forget, and some words not read. time is a reminder to move on. time is a reminder to hurry up and accomplish the things you want before it's too late. i don't really know what i'm trying to say. sleeeepy.

so here, more holiday photographs =p
this was after one particularly slack monday spent with zip and zip's owner and rose. erm if it needs any clarification, we were nowhere near school, nor did yll (haha whatever) have anything to do with why we had so much beer in broad daylight!

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