Saturday, January 20, 2007

why i shouldn't sleep so much

for some reason, backseat driving took a literal turn and i was sitting (and driving la) first at the back, then at the front passenger seat. without a seat belt and with recently waxed seats, i couldn't help but slide around and flail both arms and legs and therefore by logic and good anatomical sense, also the foot stepping on the strange accelerator. i say strange because it followed wherever which place i sat, and like a good friend, was there for me. that and the ever trusty brake pad =p

then all of a sudden my parents appeared in the car. BUT they didn't criticise because i wasn't in the real driver's seat :) it was a bumpy and swerve-ful ride, and many close shaves were encountered. in the blink of an eye - my eye to be accurate, since my eyes are smaller and so a blink from me would be faster than most normal big-eyed people - i was back at the steering wheel (omg for all the brakes and accelerators that faithfully changed position when i did, the steering wheel remained at the real driver's seat. no wonder about the close shaves.)

out of nowhere a pillar grew out from the ground, stretching yawning and rubbing the sleep from its eyes. i think it's a male pillar because it muttered something about gatsby hairwax. and because males always give me grief. somehow i managed to find my footing and emergency brake, stopping just short of his chin. yes the pillar had a manly jawline.

after our near pillar-murder experience, i turned into a carpark with surprisingly low ceilings. there were a gazillion pink cherry QQs. urgh. and there was no where to park. so i just got out of the car, picked up a pink car from its lot and put it down somewhere else. instant parking space!

when i woke up it was 1030. so i've officially slept for 12 hours.
perchance to dream alright.

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