Tuesday, May 15, 2007



quote of the day: "so, the main objective is to learn how to take a proper history, and to do clinical examinations. no one said anything about KNOWLEDGE, right? good then."

and yesterday our tutor laughed! :)
even though he did seem to laugh only at the idea of us learning to percuss till our fingers bled, it's still quite a big deal!

csfc has been tough getting used to, oscillating between insane 8 to 8 mondays and the rare ultra-slack 1 hour days like today. miles away from the routine sit-down-and-absorb lectures that were nicely scheduled for us. it takes a lot of initiative of which i have none, and thick skin, to seek out things to learn. hopefully when m3 officially starts, i'll be well-adjusted, or at least in nice hospital with good food.

lastly. strange propositions! reading too much into things? decisions to make! alternatively, read only textbooks, and not between the lines :/

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