Sunday, May 27, 2007

pick me up

too lazy to think of exactly what to blog about today. but my title is inspired by ian who basically hasn't replied as to whether he can pick me up for the chenliwei's eyebrow-raising concert.

in the blink of an eye, 6 weeks is almost over. i can't believe how many serials i've managed to download/obtain and complete watching, and how little of talley i've actually digested properly. not to mention browse! urgh. well, the steep learning curve of how little we know is good cos makes every day quite productive =p

my cousin got married yesterday! it's funny how i've always wondered about marriages, but never about the act of marrying. i always picture the peripheries, the house, the shoes outside the house, the kids running around, the puppy and kitten growing up together, the family car and the dinner on the table. i can't really imagine my husband's face though. just that he has kind eyes and a good heart. hm. getting carried away. i just meant to say that i can't imagine serving tea to my parents,walking around in a white gown making speeches (maybe not the speech part huh) and saying my marriage vows out loud.

of course as with any tan family gathering, something had to happen (cf. the cny with us getting stuck in the lift) this time poor jayne got her pretty gown caught in the escalator and they had to cut the bottom off with a pair of scissors! heartache =/

cousins and grandma!

the upset jayne
addendum @ 330pm:
ian is nice person who has willingly agreed to gimme a lift =)

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