Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bad driving day

guardian angels must be very busy. it's a thankless job most of the time, heart stopping close shaves every day. some too glaring to go unnoticed, but we are too often oblivious to everything else.

the past 3 days have been eventful, especially when it comes to driving. monday, on top of the $6.66 paid for parking at nus since my season parking has expired, i paid $6 for parking at AH. despite being given complimentary parking tickets to use to waive the fees. all because i didn't take the cashcard out of the IU. so on tuesday i took the cashcard out but didn't realise i'd be driving through an ERP gantry. argh so that's a $9 fine :/

and today. today was really especially a bad day for the driver in me. a loud screech right outside the gate woke my parents, and they saw a little red car being yelled at by an angry cab driver. i don't understand why he had to charge toward me at full speed when there wasn't even a passenger inside :'( haha quote of the day should be su's "that's human nature; speed, brake, then complain"

then after the very empty day and very full ikea meatballs lunch chen called to say my headlights were still switched on. ARGH. lost all - (as if i ever had any) motivation to go back and see patients. thankfully ikea was not far away (joel and his speeding also came in handy) and we were back in no time so i could still start the damn engine.

so, thank you to my guardian angel for keeping me and my car in one piece. and to ronnie! and doubtingliwei, to whom we gave a street directory yesterday, out of the goodness of our hearts okay - dear liwei, you are cute. best of luck! - don't you think bean and i are so sweet =p

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