Sunday, August 26, 2007

if you said jump, i'd say how high

rebuilding my previously unbelievable 17.8gb itunes library is proving to be a very interesting experience. as i go through old cds burnt before exams or just to blast when i'm moody, each song brings back memories (good or bad or whatever) that have led me to where i am today. funny how i'm not musical in any way but still can't bear to see a barren playlist. funny how i've invested so much in tunes and lyrics. funny how some songs appear in every other cd - how much did i love you?

the style of songs have also changed, emo teeny bopper songs are just catchy for a few seconds, then you realise how innocent and silly you were. hm, okay forget it, not going to think too much lest i spend the whole night sitting here reminiscing. another story for another day. nostalgia aside, the first week of medicine posting is a rude wakeup call, to stop all the slacking that's been carried over from surgery. tonnes to learn, more than helpful tutors and a great learning environment, time to make full use of my good fortune :) do scold me if i look like i'm wasting time!!

anyway, cute picture of the day. hang in there! :)

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