Monday, August 06, 2007

the rain in spain falls mainly on jayne

nah, kidding. we were all just really sad cos we were only in madrid for sunday - the shops are closed on sundays, wtf!!all the shops we zoomed past :'( bye zara (aka the first blurry photo as we anti-shopped)
while waiting for the very important match that same night (real madrid vs majorca, david beckham and roberto carlos's last for real) supporters filled the streets, displaying flags in any way they found most attention-attracting.

famous piece of arse/art
the stadium where the match was held
in the meantime, us pilgrims morphed into very unhappy tourists. no mood to take anything religious, oops. so here's just some random photos outside some random church. boo, i'm still very sore that we didn't get to shop on our stipulated free shopping day =(

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