Thursday, September 20, 2007

why so pouty, mr snouty?

2+ hours of the most humid and soporific and pretty much useless "tutorial" ever, i could literally feel my feet pulsating in my shoes. add that to walking to the godforsaken carpark in the heat, and that was how i lost my psyched up mood for the week. yeah i know there's still friday, but seriously, it's Friday! argh medicine, i should be stressed. i should be reading talley, or something. haha okay there's really nothing much else to say now, except that most of my friends have gone/are going to the uk and it'll be a pity cos i have slacker postings coming up (yes, what else can be more time-consuming than medicineposting)

okay, since it's been medically proven (beantan, rosetan et al, sept 2007) that holding a puppy lowers blood pressure, here is my attempt at healing the world. more doggy photos :)

the guilty puppy

don't ask why the klassietan looks so pathetic..
maybe he feels my pain. damn you, school and bad weather!

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