Saturday, November 24, 2007


because of safety reasons (mine, haha) i shall refrain from blogging about specific details about 某某医院. it pays to go in slightly wary but with a mostly open mind. after friday, all i can say is 谢天谢地, 某某医院还好啦! :)

anyway. i don't know how, for 21 years, i've managed to ignore the fact that there have been so many funky chinese movies to watch!! did some catching up today, with 星月童话 and 五月之恋 (starring 五月天! seriously) in it. hoho the teevee junkie in me has been awakened! when the exams are over - haha, as if - there shall be more chinesemovie watching! :)

since we've got the ever essential 无间道, all i want (for christmas?) are DVDs!

1. 重庆森林 (Chungking Express)
2. 花样年华 (In The Mood For Love)
3. 阿飞正传 (Days Of Being Wild)
4. 阮玲玉 (Centre Stage)
5. 小城之春 (Spring In A Small Town)
6. 黄土地 (Yellow Earth)
7. 马路天使 (Street Angel)
8. 英雄本色 (A Better Tomorrow)
9. 霸王别姬 (Farewell My Concubine)
10. 牯岭街少年杀人事件 (A Brighter Summer Day)

and of course, 还珠格格 and 黄飞鸿 :)

maybe this is a little late, in appreciating the chinese culture. or maybe this is just because i am addicted to teevee. regardless, i've got this gut feeling that pharmaco, patho and ortho should be the priority till january =(

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