Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the golden pen


if you sleep long enough, you will, eventually, have a Great Brad Pitt Dream. haha i just need to document this in case i forget, a fate a large percentage of my dreams suffer.

what's a (Great) Brad Pitt Dream?

it's a dream which begins, as all dreams should begin, with a spiffily dressed Mr Brad Pitt (read: nice hair nice suit a la meet joe black) knocking politely on your front door at 5pm, interrupting a pyjama party you're hosting, and asking in his deep voice, whether you still have this golden pen that his kid left behind at the party the other night. he also seems to be smacking his lips after having some peanut butter.

what follows is an evening of rummaging through piles of stuff, stationery, photographs - for evidence of the missing golden pen of course - chatting about nonsense and anyhow opening files on my laptop leaving it very very disorganised. tsk!! haha but it's pretty impossible to be angry with such a handsome guy :)

and the ending is abrupt. as all endings are. and typically, with mothers coming to nag. about eating dinner and leftover birthday cake. a quick phototaking session with a barely-charged camera where you are pulled to semi-sit on Mr Brad Pitt's lap, by Mr Brad Pitt himself; this is where the Great part really kicked in :D

with classical lip licking, a hearty laugh and a twinkle in his eyes, Mr Brad Pitt bid us "ladies, have a good night" and walked through the door with the very cool swagger that he has, putting on shades even though it was already dark outside.

oh! i don't think we found the golden pen in the end. and maybe the party he mentioned was at my neighbour's house.

a picture as promised! :)

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