Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas week =)

the merrymaking started a week ago with the 3stani dinner...

wednesday: dinner @ newton with millions of plates of roti john! ian, why never smile!! (omg poor standard of english, hai.)

thursday: sau's bbq. yes i am the only one moving in this quite nice photo =/ can you see the green drink dispenser, it is full of nice spiked orange punch of some sort! made everyone very happy to be watching nita and simian have a drawing competition haha!

friday: abintan the photowhore was trying to pop into the frame, and we were vigorously pushing him away. hope that explains why we look so damn happy, even if the drinks weren't spiked this time round. i'm also glad my arms don't look flabby here! =))

omg the chocolate gang (above, with anic the very friendly swiss girl) - but kenrick the nice boy later swapped jonteh's seamonkeys with the chocolates i got from zhimin/rouan :))

saturday and sunday: no photos.
but do i remember cookies and a very messy meatball sandwich from subway =p

christmas eve lunch AND dinner were terribly sinful. we were cordially invited to my grandma's for the usual array of peranakan food for lunch. and for dinner it was a freaking mother big turkey, lamb rack and, as if we didn't have enough meat, a leg of ham. i was put in charge of making a potato dish and salad, the only thing we didn't order from a hotel this year. but guess what la, the hotel also provided us with potatoes and saladS (plural cos the stuffing looked like salad and we ate it as another salad and then complained that the turkey came without stuffing. till my brilliant dad realised our stupidity) then after dinner the cousins came over and my mum made us eat the salmon that we left in the fridge to chill but forgot due to the copious amounts of food on the dinner table, and potatoes and logcake. OMG FULLNESS.

*aiya food photos are in david's phone, and he's in camp! :/

anyway, this morning the merrychristmas spirit in me was dying despite the happy christmas songs in church. but a coupla sms-es and facebook messages revived it :)) of course it was also cos today! amos! came back! with MILLIONS of christmas presents!! :)) from jo!! my favourite kinda presents, something for my car, something handmade, something edible, something practical, something funny and a letter! all super happifying, especially after a day of failed attempts at pathologylogy :))

smart boy amos came back with a completely melted chocolate face , looks like a halloween face but the chocolate's really good!! :))

ah the irony - xmas card hangers but absolutely no cards this year!! environmentally-friendly friends have i.

yayyy i love this the most! ;))

this cute springy cow is from paris, from amos the cai - he neglected to bring back krispy kremes, claiming that in london, you should buy ben's cookies instead. amos, where are the ben's cookies then?!

hoho, this is actually 2 presents in 1! the patterned thing on the keyboard is from angel, and the laptop is from my brother/parents :))

lastly, a plant i bought for myself. and a star for the christmassy feel.
hahahaha! seriously.

ps. if you haven't noticed, all the :) are now double chins :))
pps. hon dear why are you not in any of the photos! =(
ppps. despite the exam, my christmas has been quite joyful! yayy :))

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