Sunday, March 09, 2008

please let me go to perhentian

school starts tomorrow. m4 starts tomorrow.

let the reality sink in. slowly. sigh.

it was a massive 赌场风云 week (35 episodes - new record!)

and an even more massive movie week (jumper meetthespartans cj7 juno nocountryforoldmen theleapyears charliewilsonswar)

yes there are officially more words from the show titles than there are words that mean something in this ridiculous blog entry. because my brain is rotten and my arms are aching from washing the car. excuse this crap, i just have a habit of blogging for the sake of filling up space =p

in an absolutely foul mood now because honestly (haha this is rare, especially on this blog) i have this gut feeling that nothing is going to happen in my life, everyone will carry on having their fantastic lives and go travelling and i will rot in my swivel chair :( the most exciting thing about monday is that it's one day closer to perhentian materialising, hopefully. this is the view of besar (big island) from kecil (small island)

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