Tuesday, March 04, 2008

runaway train

went cycling today, for a total of 3 ass-aching hours. zhenjin was my partner for the most part, cos we were cycling at the same pace (read: cos he didn't abandon me) him/his feet/wheels were making more revolutions than me though, since he set his gear to the highest, thus expending more calories haha.

i like to look around while cycling, see the ant-bitten holes in the leaves on the branches overhanging the pavement, the cracks in the tarmac below, the crows feet on the old men who cycle past and smile; it's startling to find that everything in its imperfection is so breathtaking anyway.

i love closing my eyes and tilting my head back, very slightly la. not for the dramamama wind-blowing-through-hair look which i'm very sure i can never achieve, but for the feeling of having the sea breeze wash over me. real in the sense that you feel every contour of your face being touched. yes, alive is what i am.

i never knew people could talk while cycling - i always thought the wind would steal our voices - and it's not small talk, i mean really have decent, heartfelt conversations whilst zooming through east coast park. even if/when too tired to keep talking, this is the first time i rode next to someone and not caused any accidents. good day indeed :)

other random things:

1. the song that's been playing in my car/head: runaway train by jamie scott and the town.

2. one of the other highlights of the good day is that we were almost on tv for some food show when the crew invaded the famous beach road prawn mee stall, where we (zj huilin i) were having lunch.

3. there's a fantastic little cd shop in shaw building - dinner at sofra for bra's birthday - that nicely agreed to order jay chou's debut album for me. and at a very very reasonable price!! hurray! :) good day indeed!

photos:urgh, suriya blocking me. grrrrr!

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