Friday, March 28, 2008

why i'm in a bad mood right now

//but i assure you i will have calmed down by morning, mostly because sleep does wonders, and sleepiness is an extended state of emily//

1. why are people so competitive?
more importantly/self-centredly, why am i never good enough to win.

2. why do people give others false information?
more importantly, why give it out to people whose opinions i value.
the world is too small for rumours to fly. thanks a lot man.

3. why do i lose my temper?
more importantly, why do i never confront the right people.
fucking angry like fire. angry like volcano la.

4. why do i never go anywhere?
more importantly, is it because it's too safe here.

most importantly...

5. why is it SO EXPENSIVE to go to newyork?!

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