Sunday, May 25, 2008


is the title of grey's anatomy season 4's fabulous finale.

is sms-ing jo in london just to laugh about strange stealing-hairstyle comments!!

is having a posting-disguised-as-a-holiday :)

is not coming home for dinner and not having to worry about it.
which means dinner out with different gangs (of friends)

photo time! :)

captain planet goes to...
kenrick the psycho pizza killer guy.
the fork photo
8 scoops of newzealandnatural ice cream - gone in the blink of an eyethe morning after (champions league hangover day) -
rangoon road bak kut teh lunch
sian cos no more food!!!top notch tea!remember prawning? we cooked it a few days later with...cereal and drunken prawns. kudos to benjy for his hospitability!no photos of the finished product - gobbled up too fast!

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