Monday, July 14, 2008

130708 0635

the best night call i've had since that one overnighter at changi emed :)

delivered 1 baby (or largely, assisted), delivered placentae (omg, the smell - for people who say there's no smell, wait till you go closer/deliver more than 1), stitched up lacerations (slowly) and had a generally educational and entertaining time. especially the out-of-curriculum stuff like feeding neonates in the sunshine nursery! you totally cannot stop smiling when you go in :))) so worth sacrificing sleep for, so worth my weekend. or rather, i'm trying to convince myself that i really mean it.

it seems like a fitting end to it all, since i've suddenly run out of steam and lost the motivation to go to school so early every morning.

ps. happy birthday! :)
pps. welcome back yunlei! :))
ppps. oooh babies! :)))

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