Sunday, November 23, 2008

journey to the east

yesterday's travels were fraught with wrong turns and bad expressway traffic jams. but fortunately it turns out that there are good people in The East, who see you struggling with a street directory (to even turn to the index page is difficult since i am dextrously-challenged) and roll down their windows to give you directions and when that fails, take time out to drive with you all the way to the place you wanted to find. so thank you, to the man in the red nissan who so kindly brought me to meet my friends in the breezy part of singapore aka east coast.

then, since i was 2 hours too late for lunch, we headed to the big splash for drinks by the beach. along the way we came across what was to me the most fascinating flea market ever - the Great CarBootSale where anyone with a car with a boot can rent a spot and sell anything they want for the weekend. we even met a consultant selling his daughter's toys and shoes, golf clubs, random articles of clothes! so cute :)
[photo from dedrick's flickr]

chilling out. it's always fun to look out at the beautiful sand and sea and sun, from the comforts of a cool shady bistro. too bad the day had to end. stupid angry clouds :/

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