Saturday, November 01, 2008

the wrath of grapes

1 white wine sangria had me completely sedated from 11pm to 10am. and yet somehow within that 11 hours i managed, to change out of a dress and into pyjamas, to bathrobe, to rj pe shirt in complete darkness.

the post-paeds period has been refreshing yet boring. this i attribute to both my lack of unbusy friends and lack of funds. of greatest note is that i've finally picked up my sports shoes and rekindled my interest in touch :) it feels so good (and so bad, read: unfit) running around with that odd-shaped ball and getting muddy and achey the next day. to think i went without it for 4 years. so looking forward to the end of every month!

and of course, will&grace season 3 is rocking my world right now - patrick dempsey just made a guest appearance. yummmmmy :) ah life is good when it's just tv, food and the occasional bit of sport.

in other news, congrats to the best scriptwriter for playhouse! :) and imo, we deserved to win! GODSPEED.

haha this is a series of random photos, that happen to showcase things that are bigger than they originally are. except the freaking big baby, who was so heavy that by 6 months, he was uncarry-able.

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