Monday, April 13, 2009

when the tutor's away...

electives are the time to playplayplay. i had nice lunches/dinner with nice friends before the long easter weekend. happy easter friends :)

a pseudo-food-review to resurrect my blog.

we drove a long way from bt timah across the island to the east, just to find this place (Etna Restaurant and Pizzeria, 110 Upper East Coast Rd), and by the time we found it, parked and walked, it was 215pm. the waitress was mightily pissed with us showing up just 45 minutes to closing time, and it showed. she mumbled "last order in 5 minutes" dumped the menus on the table and trudged off to scowl at us from behind the cash register, where she was too busy totalling up and doingdunnowhat to serve us water.

we ordered 2 set lunches (since there were only 2 choices for each course and the 2 of us wanted to try everything) and the first thing to come was some forgettable soup and a forgotten salad. should've just paid money for a main course than think we'd be getting nice starters.

"where are the cherry tomatoes?!" note the lack of any glasses, and water. did i also mention that we were the only 2 freaking people in the entire restaurant.
k this is only a pseudo-food-review cos we were quite satisfied with the mains (steak and carbonara) the food came very quickly cos i suspect they wanted to get rid of us, and we didn't even stop to take photos till after haha :)
the ambience is actually quite nice and homey despite the glaring waitress who was immediately cheered up when we paid our bill and asked for dessert, which was a scoop of boring but not bad chocolate ice cream. overall, not really worth $22++ but if there's a discount, and considering the free parking, i might still go back there to try everything else.

i'm in love with the lamp :)
too bad no photos for Jerry's Bar and Grill, and the Hilltop Restaurant. die la, if this is any reflection of my eating habits, i'm going to get so fatttt in america :)

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