Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodnight two oh oh nine

what a year, what a year

1. the year i cut my hair really short, a few times (yeah k you can't really see it but it's shorter)
2. the year klassie went to heaven
3. the year i collected many cool photos with many friendsrandom spontaneous trip to marina barrage before it got all crowdedfailed trip to the night safari... made do with stuffed animals :)
4. the year we passed patho, and went on great adventures during electives
took this right before being freaked out by a guy peeing next to me!
5. the year we started cousin brunches (and other brunches)
the first time at rider's cafe. heavenly
6. the year my brother got married, and i got a new sister, AND waxed a guy's leg hair!
(photo from the very awesome photographer, wansheng!

7. the year before MBBS starts (read: the year of intensive mugging)

8. also the year where de-stressing got extremely fun
played touch! (it's become a yearly affair now) and we didn't lose! :))
9. the year i was given the stamp of evil and met many cool new people "interning" at various healthcare institutes =p and explored most of the food&beverage places nearby
10. the year i sang in public AKA the day my clinical group carolled in the wards
and the year i met you (though you don't know it, nor do you read this thank goodness) :) i wonder what lies ahead (aha!! see below)

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