Saturday, December 05, 2009

hello there, it's been a long while.

clean forgotten the purpose of this blog. it's been so long since i actually published something i typed here. if there were less people on my facebook, i'd blog there; everytime i log in it asks me what's on my mind. cute, like a boyfriend would? (not that i'd know huh)

so this is what is on my mind: i still miss klassie, acutely as ever.

and i miss so many things. but i don't have the right to be complaining of missing things or people when others have had it worse. i know i'm lucky to be blessed with all the luxuries i could ask for, but i just want one thing money can't buy. actually i want 2 things. or 3! see, there you go, i'm being greedy again.

greed, lust, sloth and envy. the picture below says it all. psych up, let's all pass and go see this for ourselves.

Uhuru Peak, Mt.Kilimanjaro, originally uploaded by flimseflo.

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Sam said...

Hi emilyyyyy!!!!